Interface revolution

Just came across a nice presentation from Jeff Han on TED Talks which is definelty worth viewing.
It is amazing to see this new kind of interface and how intuitive it is.
If Apple would deliver this, I would buy it immediatly ;)
Unfortunately it rather sounds like far away future. :(

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Embedding Internet Explorer in tabs of Firefox

Just came across this nice Firefox plugin:
IE Tab - IE within Firefox
Very nice and usefull for web development.
Firefox is now the one beast to rule 'em all!

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Ordered Code Reading and ship it!

As T-Consultants/Programmers we are dealing with code everyday. And I mus confess that I learned the most about programming and designing systems by reading others code. Currently I have to learn a lot on the job, because one of our lead programmers is leaving and knowledge transfer started. To accomplish this a bit better I ordered today Spinellis: Code Reading: The Open Source Perspective, which sounds like a real great book.
I also ordered Ship it! from the PragmaticProgrammers. I hope that at least one of the books is arriving before I leave for holidays.

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Hommingberger Gepardenforelle

The german magazine for computer and technology - c't - has started a competition about the phrase "Hommingberger Gepardenforelle".
The competition is about getting the best rank in google.de at the 10th of may and the 15th december, both at 11 o'clock GMT -1.
I think it is a funny competition since a couple of days ago merely one page was listet for this phrase. Just a few days later you hit half a million pages for this phrase. Amazing.
I wonder where this will lead.
There even exists already a page at Wikipedia.
I wonder if I get listed with this, if google might delete all sites with this special phrase (Hommingberger Gepardenforelle has no real meaning at all), and who the winner will be.
Maybe I have to set up my own link farm, just to get google to believe, that my site is the real home of the this Hommingberger Gepardenforelle. For those none native speakers either have a look at leo.org or read on:

Hommingberger means that the origin is from the small village of Hommingberg
Gepard means cheetah
and forelle means trout

So, all in all, it is a special fish from the middle of nowhere called Hommingberg, which looks like a mixture of trout and cheetah (Gepardenforelle).
I wonder when the first pictures of this creature will appear.
Good luck everybody and might the best site win. ;)

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Open Source Survey Tool (Java)

Due to my job at Jato Consulting I am currently looking at survey tools. We need a highly customizable solution (LDAP integration, access to our own role based security system, integration with existing data basis, ...) of a survey tool and I was wondering if there are any solutions out there.
It has to be Java based since all the above mentioned integration parts are in the J2EE world.
So far I found four survey tools, which are OpenSource and written in Java:

  • ePoll provided by Jcorporate and based on their famous Expresso Framework which I already worked with.
    Still it seams a bit heavy to use the Expresso Framework merely to have some Survey/Polling features.
  • SurveyTool is hosted at java.net, but not a lot of information is available at their site and I do not like the idea of having to use a full blown app server to run a survey.
  • JSP Survey Library hosted at SourceForge, but with no real release yet, only CVS access. But looks from the screenshots promising. Maybe I will give this one a try. And Carnegie Mellon University sounds like a good background for a project.
  • VTSurvey comes from another university (Virgina Tech) and is also hosted at SourceForge. From the release number (2.2.3) it sounds pretty stable. But what made me hesitate is the fact that it stores the data into XML on the filesystem. I definitely prefer a DB solution for persistence of the survey data.

    Who has got experience with any of these tools?
    Can anyone suggest another open source survey tool written in java?

    PS: if you post a comment, please be aware of the fact, that all comments with a ".com" in it get denied by my spam blocker. It is sad, but I had a lot of comment spam and with this I reduced it totally.

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  • 15.04.05

    Yoda teaches the right development attitude

    One of the best articles about the attitude a developer should have, was posted by Ted Neward at his blog - The Mountain of Worthless Information.
    Seams like Yoda is one of the best teachers ever.

    Luke: All right, I'll try.
    Yoda: (emphatically) NO. Do, or do not. There is no try.

    Ted Neward changes this to:
    Ted: (emphatically) NO. The system is, or it is not. There is no should.

    So never say: "The system should ...".
    Instead ask yourself: "What are my assumptions and do they always hold, or is there a flaw somewhere?"
    This way you will find the truth.

    PS: This works only in a non Microsoft based development environment. If you develop MS Access never make the assumption of a functioning system.

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    Best of breed OpenSource in MacOS X

    Nice to see what Apple uses for OpenSource products:
    Apple - Open Source
    Reads a bit like best of breed. And no wonder that Apple gets a lot of credibility in the developer community.
    When the new Tiger gets bundled with the MacMini, I really have to get myself one.

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    Bloglines caught me

    After reading a lot about Bloglines, I decided it was time to give it a try. Now I do not have to look around at my favourite sites by myself. All gets aggregated into my online feedreader: Bloglines | karstenvoges's Blogs
    I get notified of changes in the browser via a Firefox extension and I can easliy subscribe blogs to it.
    I just love it.
    It is especially great for blogs with high quality but less frequent entries. I do not miss them anymore and I do not have to look at things I read already since they automatically disappear.
    Great stuff.
    I just wonder when I have to pay for it.

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    Geekcorps: Development assistance in IT

    Already a couple of weeks ago I stumbled accross Geekcorps.org. It is an organization, which sends geeks (= "computer freak" for those readers who do not belong to this group ;)) to developing countries. Very interesting area.
    I envied doctors, nurses etc. for being able to do development assistance. At least they are far more often in the news about doing it. But it is nice to read, that even as a computer scientist you are able to help. And I would like to do it. The drawback, as in every other cool thing, like MBA, that they want at least three years of professional experience. Damn. I am still in my first year, so it's at least two more years before I can go on with exciting things like this.
    And it is good to read that there are a couple of more organizations out there for this development assisstence in IT.
    Has anyone already experience with this?
    Anyone else interested in this kind of work?

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    Looking for Java at Apache?

    You are interested in all Java related projects at Apache? After Java Programming Notes and All OpenSource JavaTools listed I found another nice site today:

    Java at Apache


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    You are Slackware Linux

    After taking the quiz at BBspot I became a Slackware Linux guy. Wow. I have never used this OS but hey, that's the result of the quiz, so it must be true. ;)

    You are Slackware Linux. You are the brightest among your peers, but are often mistaken as insane.  Your elegant solutions to problems often take a little longer, but require much less effort to complete.
    Which OS are You?

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    How-to install Java (j2sdk1.4) on debian woody

    Finally I made it and got Java and Jira running on my vserver.
    But here is how it begans and how I made it:
    So I got myself a vserver at nodeeps.de already 6 weeks ago. I was playing a bit around with it lately, I want to get Jira running on it. And therefore I needed to install a new JDK on it.
    And this was a very, very big issue.
    I finally found a way, which I want to describe here:
    First of all: I grew up with a mac and since a while I use Windows. So my linux knowledge is limited to some shell commands. And the vserver has no confixx or similar, so putty was the way to go.
    After reading around debian.org I realised that Java on a Debian Linux is not that easy, since it is non-free, non-open source. And therefore not included in the nice apt-get functionality.
    apt-get is great, but If your package is not there it sucks.
    But the following step by step guidance is a great starting point:
    Java on Debian
    I just had a couple of issues with the debian integration, so I skiped it and merely installed the JDK. And it works.
    But then I also stumbled across Java Platform 2 Version 1.4.x for Linux which led to the Blackdown Java-Linux Java 2 SE v1.4.2-01.
    But the installation instructions there were not the best either. The problem was my vserver runs a debian woody, but the jdk has dependencies resolved in the new debian sarge only. (it is the libc6, which needs to be >=libc6 2.3.2.ds1-4, but libc6 2.2.5-14.3 is the one in shipped in woody)
    With the help of apt-get-org I managed to get the new libc6 by including the follwing line in /etc/apt/sources.list

    deb http://www.linex.org/sources/linex/debian sarge linex

    Then I managed to install the j2sdk1.4 package from the site mentioned at the blackdown.org site
    I unpacked Jira, exported JAVA_HOME, and started Jira with the startup script.
    Tata, there it is ....
    Up and running.
    WOW. Now I only need to put the JAVA_HOME into /etc/profile; setup Jira with MySQL; hide it behind firewall; include it in the startup script to auto-start; ....
    But the biggest thing is done and I am getting familiar with the command line and learned a lot about debian and linux.

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    The Lost 1984 Mac Video

    21 years ago, apple presented the Macintosh. And a TV station broadcasted the stockholders' meeting from Flint Center in Cupertino. The broadcast is remastered available here:
    The lost 1984 video
    Nice to see Steve Jobs with long hair and a bow tie.
    And it is nice to see the beginnings of my own computer carreer, since this was the very first Computer my Dad bought in 1984. Wow.
    Who else had one of the first Macintoshs?

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    Single Sign On with NT Domain logins into WebApp

    I did not knew that it is possible to use the Windows Domain login as a SSO source for a J2EE webapp. But it is. I cam accross it at Lucas Jellema post
    He refers to the description at Samba: JCIFS NTLM HTTP Authentication
    I do not need this feature in any of my companies webapps now, but it is nice to know about this feature.

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    Macworld generates wishlist (Mac mini + iPod shuffle)

    Macworld Expo started in San Francisco yesterday and generated a big wishlist. First of all I must admit that I miss my Mac since I switched to a PC three years ago. And now it seams like the best time to switch back. The new Mac mini is a reasonable cheap entry to the mac world. It would be nicer to have a G5 though, but hey, it's cheap (< 500 Euro) and it includes a lot of software already.
    The next thing is the new Mac OS X 10.4 (Codename Tiger) which is due soon. The list of new features is amazing an Apple definetly makes the best OS. Especially for Java development.
    And last but not least I would like to get the brand new iPod shuffle. 22g light and with 1GB for 150 Euro.
    I have already a iPod, 10GB Generation 2, and my girlfriend got one, 40GB Generation 3. So I think of selling mine and getting the iPod shuffle.
    I merely need to convince myself to throw some money away for gadgets ;)

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    WGV powered by Oracle DB

    While browsing around at WGV, a German insurance company, I came across a Oracle Error:

    ORA-01403: no data found

    So after GMX (see here) and TSS (see here) another site shows the technology behind due to an error message.
    I feel a bit like a error spotter ;)
    Is anyone else collecting error messages from sites which reveal the technology?

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    MovableType 3.121 not working

    Finally the pressure grew and I installed MovableType 3.121 and hated it from the beginning. Nothing worked and it made me a lot of troubles.
    The upgrade did not work for a reason I do not know.
    So I made a clean install, but with no success either. After deleted the whole webserver and running a totally clean install it all finally went up and running again. Wow. I just needed some further time to adjust the templates, style, install the blacklist etc. It is a heck lot to do all in all and I hoped it simply is an upgrade script. To bad it didn't worked.
    after a couple of days up and running with 3.121 I went back to the old version, cuz it simply sucked. The administration wasn't working with neither firefox nor mozilla, it simply screwed the whole page up.
    So never touch a running system.
    I missed a couple of comments and I really liked the comment approval thing in 3.121 but I want a smoothly running blog and therefore I had to switch back.
    If I find the time I will make a trial install on my backup weblog and play a bit around with it before upgrading my main blog again and screw it all again.
    Had anyone else had problems with 3.121 as well?
    Is the not working styles.css know at SixApart?

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    Why is blogging so unpopular in Germany

    The last couple of days I went to W-JAX, a java conference with 500 other attendees, and nobody, really nobody blogged about it. WOW!
    Unbelievable in the US, just have a look at javablogs.com and type in ApacheCon and you get a couple of results.
    Why is nobody blogging over here in good old europe? Are we to shy? Is it a problem of adaption (nobody does it therefore nobody tries it) ?
    But at least some people must read blogs, since some people recognized my name from my badge ("Hey, aren't u the guy with the weblog?").
    Or is it a language thing? There aren't really blogs out there about programming in plain old German.
    mmmhhh. makes me wonder why I am blogging in English most of the time. Well, I guess it is because English is the language of the web and I want to give more people the opportunity to consume the trash I blog. And I want to tell the world out there, what is going on in Germany, that we got great Java conferences as well, that we know how to write code, vote for a good government ;) and are rather poor in writing English. At least according to my beloved mother.

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    EA story is tue

    After reading the report about working for EA and blogging about it I wondered if the story is true, but my favourite computer news site wrote about this weblog report as well (heise online - Kein Spaß bei Electronic Arts).
    And they are mentioning that some employees are preparing a class-action suit. Wow. It really seams to be bad.

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    EA sucks

    Wow, just read the article of a spouse from a EA programmer (ea_spouse). It is amazing how cruel EA is to their employees.
    I wonder how a company can survive with this attitude.

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    Open Source Maturity Model

    Are you thinking of using OpenSource for a project but you do not know if the OpenSource product is mature enough and if it suits your needs from a business perspective? The you should check the Open Source Maturity Model (OSMM) out.
    Bernard Golden, CEO of Navica Inc. tells you how to proceed either in his book ("Succeeding with Open Source") or in short form in an interview at SearchEnterpriseLinux.com ("Evaluate open source, or else")

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    IE as remote control software

    Bug after bug in Microsofts InternetExplorer which opens the door to do anything with your PC. I therefore suggest them to sell IE as a remote control software. ;)
    Anyway I still wonder how many people use it still.

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    Bücherliste zu Automaten, Formale Sprachen, Berechenbarkeit

    Bücherliste zu Automaten, Formale Sprachen, Berechenbarkeit I:

    Theoretische Grundlagen der Informatik, m. CD-ROM
    von Rolf Socher - Hanser Fachbuchverlag
    Das Buch ist simple und einfach gehalten, was all denen entgegen kommen dürfte, die sich schwer mit dem Thema tun. Dazu kommen gute Beispiele und Anwendungen. Die Aufgaben sind praktisch gehalten.
    Insgesamt ist es mir aber zu kurz und weicht stark vom Stoff an der TUM ab.
    Die Aufteilung erfolgt anhand der Konzepte (Automaten, Ausdrücke, Sprachen, Grammatiken, Berechenbarkeit, ..)
    Für den richtigen sicher ein gutes Buch, meines ist es aber nicht.

    Theoretische Informatik
    von Renate Winter - Oldenbourg
    Das Buch besitzt einen guten Schreibstil der eher formal ist. Also nichts für komplette Laien/Anfänger, aber es ist auch nicht zu formal oder schwierig gestaltet.
    Doch das Beste an dem Buch sind die vielen Aufgaben, die viel zum Verständnis des Stoffes beitragen. Dazu kommen dann die kompletten Lösungen zu allen (!) Aufgaben. Das hat sonst kein anderes Buch in dem Bereich zu bieten.
    Der Schwerpunkt liegt eher bei der Berechenbarkeit

    Einführung in die Theoretische Informatik
    von Ulrich Hedtstück - Oldenbourg
    weniger streng, orientiert an Algorithmen und Anwendungen, Übungen mit teilweise Lösungen, Aufbau nach Konzepten

    Theoretische Informatik. Eine anwendungsorientierte Einführung.
    von Norbert Blum - Oldenbourg
    Umfassendes Buch, da auch Effiziente Algorithmen betrachtet werden, daher aber ein gutes Querschnittsbuch, welches die Zusammenhänge aufzeigt.

    Einführung in die Automatentheorie, Formale Sprachen und Komplexitätstheorie
    von John E. Hopcroft, Jeffrey D. Ullman - Oldenbourg
    Der Klassiker, da von allen anderen Büchern referenziert. Liest sich gut. Deckt den kompletten Vorlesungsinhalt ab.

    Grundkurs Theoretische Informatik
    von Gottfried Vossen, Kurt-Ulrich Witt - Vieweg
    schaut gut geschrieben und übersichtlich aus, habe ich aber nicht näher betrachtet

    Theoretische Informatik
    von Katrin Erk, Lutz Priese - Springer
    Das Buch ist sehr beweislastig. Das kann gut, aber auch schlecht sein. So erlaubt es einem spezielles sehr tief zu verstehen, da die Beweise auch sehr gut erklärt sind.
    Alles in allem ist es gut zum Nachschlagen eines Beweises, ansonsten eher überfrachtet.
    Oder wenn man sehr viel Zeit hat, dann lohnt es sich auch.

    Theoretische Informatik kurzgefaßt
    von Uwe Schöning - Spektrum Akademischer Verlag
    gut für den Überblick

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    Inversion of Control/Dependency Injection

    Seit einiger Zeit geistert ein neues Muster (Pattern) durch die OO-Gemeinde: Inversion of Control (IoC) bzw Dependency Injection.
    IoC ist die ältere Bezeichnung, welche dann Martin Fowler in seinem weitreichenden Artikel (Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern) umnannte in Dependency Injection.
    Die immer komplizierter werdenden J2EE Spezifikationen haben sicher einen Grossteil dazu beigetragen, dass dieser neue Ansatz derart populär geworden ist und in den letzten Jahren neue Frameworks mit IoC nur so aus dem Boden geschossen sind.
    "Inversion of Control" / "Dependency Injection" ist ein Pattern, das die Verbindung verschiedener Software-Komponenten (sowie meist das SW-Testen) schneller und einfacher macht.
    Wer sich näher dafür interessiert, empfehle ich den oben genannten Artikel von Martin Fowler zu lesen, bzw. einen Blick auf die Dokumentationen der folgenden Frameworks zu werfen:

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    Wiki evaluation

    After having a closer look at Wiki software I continued with a Wiki evaluation of PM Wiki. MediaWiki and PHPWiki are more powerful and got a greater feature set, but I chose PM Wiki for its simplicity. But I must confess that I got no need for a wiki.
    But due to my research I also found the softlinks of a c't article about wikis. Maybe in a later project I might use a wiki, but not for now. I am very happy with my blog so far.

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    Wiki Software

    Wikis are becoming more and more Content Management System light. Best represantative of a Wiki is the Wikipedia. A friend of mine brought me to the idea of having a closer look at Wikis.
    The best sources of Wikisoftware are at Wikipedia (WikiSoftware) and c2.com (WikiEngines)
    I will have a closer look at some PHP versions (PM Wiki, PHP Wiki, MediaWiki) now.

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    XML Linking und Adressing Languages (XPath, XPointer,XLink, XInclude)

    In one of my university courses (Hauptseminar eLearning-Systeme) I held a presentation about XML Linking und Adressing Languages (XPath, XPointer,XLink, XInclude).
    You can find the resources here:

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    How-To: Diplomarbeit

    Kurz nachdem ich meine eigene Diplomarbeit online gestellt habe, stiess ich auf den iX Artikel "Diplomarbeiten schreiben und publizieren" und wurde dadurch angeregt.
    In dem Artikel werde einige Tips gegeben und die Linksammlung am Ende des Artikels ist sehr gut. Als weitere Ressourcen kann ich euch folgendes empfehlen:

    • verschiedene Bücher zum Thema Diplomarbeit zumindest mal anlesen und reinschauen
    • Diplomarbeiten normgerecht verfassen ist besuchenswert, da es hier eine Musterdiplomarbeit gibt, welche die entsprechenden DIN Normen erfüllt. Wusste selber nicht, dass es solche Normen gibt. Darüber hinaus ist es für Microsoft Word Freunde eine gute Vorlage zur Erstellung. Ich selber habe es als Vorlage benutzt.
    • Recherche in Fachdatenbanken, wie Sie bei E-Fellows.net (als Stipendiat) angeboten werden
    • Konferenzbände zum Thema durchblättern (sind meistens in der Unibibliothek vorhanden)
    • meine Diplomarbeit zum Thema "A Web-based Medical Image Database System"
    • mein Diplomarbeitsvortrag (TODO)

    Viel Spass und Erfolg dabei!

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    playing around with my websites

    Tonight I played a bit with my websites and the functionality they offer and installed a couple if things.
    First of all I finally managed to install Gallery on karstenvoges.de. But I guess I'll keep my gallery on the university server for a while to be on the safe side with regard to traffic and backup.
    Then I installed the php bulletin board (phpBB) on mynozomi.de. I got some ideas about a forum, but nothing finished yet, so it is just a place to play.
    Finally I moved Desiree's Weblog and my testblog to use MySQL in the backend.
    That's it for now, but it is nice to see how things work and to play around a bit.

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    Erik's Linkblog

    Erik's Linkblog is one of the greatest sources of links, regarding the Java, IT and mobile news.
    I stumbled accross Erik's site after having some referrers in my webstats coming from his linkblog. So I had a look at it and I am a regular reader of it.
    So I can strongly recommend it, since it is a good source for a quick Java/IT/mobile overview what is going on in the blogworld and what is interessting.

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    Homepage Besitzer sind introvertiert

    Laut Psychologen der Technischen Universität Chemnitz bin ich introvertiert!
    Denn wer eine Webseite im Internet sein eigen nennt ist unsicherer und kann schlechter mit Kritik umgehen.
    Also wer von Euch hatte nochmal was gegen meine Heimseite gesagt? Sauerei!!!!
    Naja, also ich kann das jetzt mal ja nicht so ganz glauben, aber wenn sie meinen. Ausserdem sind 300 Personen auch nicht gerade repräsentativ, oder?
    Interessant ist es aber dennoch, wobei ich mir sicher bin, dass die Weblogbeitreiber eher sicherer sind im sozialen Umgang. Aber wer weiss.

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    Webstatistic for karstenvoges.de in June

    June is over and my first month of blogging as well and therefore it's time for a resume:
    I got a total of 1500 unique visitors which sums up to a almost 9000 hits and 300 MB of traffic. Not to bad for a starter. ;)
    Although it was a busy month I managed to write 32 new entries with the following top five pages (with page impression between 100 and 800):
    How-To: Avoid NullPointerExceptions
    Article on Spring, Struts and Hibernate
    Holland gegen Niederlande
    How-To: Comments in JSPs

    What was astonishing for me was the fact that I have a couple of regular readers of my RSS Feed already and that 150 people came to me via search engines.
    There are a lot of other useful and interesting informations in my stats, but they will be published next month.
    (all informations are based on my AWStats webstatistics)

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    great web statistics with AWStats

    Not only my webhoster has AWStats installed as web statistics tool but also SourceForge.net as announced it as "Project of the month" in June 2004. As a web site manager you need to have a clear idea how much traffic your site receives on a daily basis. While there are many log file analyzers available on the Internet (many at no cost), I am very happy with AWStats.
    SourceForge reports:
    "AWStats, SourceForge.net's June 2004 Project of the month, is a multiplatform Open Source log analyzer that provides all the statistics a webmaster needs, presented in a very professional, dynamic report. It takes only a quick glance at the project's online demo to see why so many Web professionals are downloading and deploying this software. AWStats has been on SF.net since October 2000 and has had 400,000 downloads since its inception."
    It gave me already a lot of hints about where readers come from and what entries they liked the most.

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    Updated Links page and Guestbook

    Finally I found the time to updated my links page and guestbook. Both pages are now integrated into my weblog, so you can add an comment to the guestbook entry now for a general website comment or post your link into my link page.
    I hope to make it now easier to leave a guestbook entry and insert links into my linklist. The biggest improvement IMO is that now the guestbook entries and link suggestions are also filtered with my MT-Blacklist. So spammers get blocked with one simple configuration.

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    Improving Blog workflow with BlogJet

    Based on the weblog entry Digital Lifestyle: Newz Crawler and BlogJet I got to know BlogJet and installed it. It's a cool Windows client for my blog to publish new entries on it. You can get it here: http://blogjet.com

    The feature I like most is the BlogThis button in the web browser. The marked text is copied automatically and the URI of the web site inserted with a title. Now it gets even easier to write about any stupid fluff stuff.

    The next tool on my To-Do list of software I need to give a try is a news aggregator like Newz Crawler. But one software gadget a day is enough.

    "Computers are useless. They can only give you answers." -- Pablo Picasso

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    My IT projects

    Jato Consulting

    Shortly after my arrival from Australia I started to work for Jato Consulting were I got involved in different projects they do for BMW and Siemens.
    They give me the chance to look at different projects and work with different technologies (XML and Digester, Java Timer or J2EE web apps in general).


    In Melbourne, Australia, SKEX IT Services gave me the opportunity to gain experience as a development manager. At MojoKnows I was responsible for a development team of four persons, planning releases/tasks in a XP (eXtreme Programming) sort of development process. Beside my team leader role I was 50% of my time coding. My specialties where JMS (OpenJMS) and Struts, but we used a lot of other tools like Hibernate (with XDoclet), Ant, Bugzilla, Tomcat, MySQL, ...

    NTU Singapore

    At the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, I wrote my master thesis "A Web-based Medical Image Database System (WebMIDS)". For the implementation, J2EE is used together with the Expresso Framework. MySQL was chosen as database system for the implementation due to limited funds.
    A dedicated server was set up with Linux as the operating system and with Tomcat as servlet container.


    At Apeiron, a small but very skilled SoftwareService Company, I was participating in the redesign of Almeda and building my first J2EE skills. Almeda is technologically solved with the Vignette Storyserver (a TCL based Template and Content-Management System).
    My first J2EE experiences were encountered by experimenting with Struts and an in-house DB framework to build a Intranet Timesheet on a Tomcat server.
    I can strongly recommend Apeiron for your projekt in the Java World. Thanks to Christoph Kipp and Andreas Prohaska for the great time there (2001-2002).


    My very first IT job was at Siemens, where I was building Intranet applications based on Cold Fusion. The team there was responsible for the business communication of ICN VD. The VD-Trainingsportal and a Intranet FAQ was one of the things i developed there with the help of ColdFusion and NetFusion Objects.
    It was a great time and I was touched by the gratification for my extraordinary work.

    Private Projects

    In my private life I started the Mitfeierzentrale, build the Fasanenhus site and currently a new project is in the pipe.

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    Petition gegen Softwarepatente

    Hallo zusammen,

    das Europaparlament plant, Patente auf Software zuzulassen.
    Das entzieht gerade kleinen Softwarehäusern die Geschäftsgrundlage, weil große Unternehmen durch die Patente auf "Ideen" die Entwicklung von Software in kleinen Unternehmen blockieren können. Auch die Weiterentwicklung von Open-Source-Software wie Linux wird dadurch erschwert bzw. unmöglich gemacht.

    Ich möchte Ihnen/Euch vorschlagen, die im folgenden angegebene Petition zu unterzeichnen, dauert nur wenige Sekunden (es gibt bereits über 340.000 Unterzeichner, und jede Minute kommen ein paar dazu):
    Petition für ein von Softwarepatenten Freies Europa

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    Die Mitfeierzentrale entstand im Rahmen der Teilnahme am 5 Euro Business und ist eine Idee von mir.
    Die Idee ist eine Vermittlungsbörse anzubieten für Freizeit und Reisepartner gepaart mit verschiedenen Community-Services.
    Die Domain mitfeierzentrale.de steht mitsamt eines fertigen Konzepts/Businessplans zum Verkauf.
    Interessenten wenden sich bitte an support[bei]mitfeierzentrale.de.

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    meine liebsten Links

    ... sind nun integriert in mein Weblog. Wer Vorschläge für weiter Links hat oder seine Seite gerne verlinkt haben möchte, hinterlässt mir hier einfach einen Kommentar und schon werde ich mein bestes geben ihn einzufügen.

    My most favourite links are now bundled in here. If you have any suggestions about new links, just drop me a comment here and I will do my best to link your site.



    Calvin and Hobbes



    Martin Fowler
    Eclipse IDE
    The Apache Jakarta Project



    Alternate Computer Versand
    Webspace4All Webhoster
    Folding@home (distributed computing)



    Fasanenhus Baltrum (Nordsee)
    weiter Links zum Thema



    Stadtmagazin für verschiedene
    Städte mit Kino, Party, Konzerte, ...



    nette politische Linkliste von Claudius Rafflenbeul-Schaub

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    Blacklist installed, comments allowed

    A couple of days ago I came across MT-Blacklist, a Movable Type plugin to eradicate comment and trackback spam. Today I finally installed it on my karstenvoges.de weblog and it works great.
    So from now on the comments are enabled again. I do not know how some spammers found my site, since it is only at the beginning, but I had a couple of spam comments. And spam is very, very annoying.
    I can highly recommend the installation of this plugin. It was a ridiculously easy installation, since I had no problems at all. I nearly forgot to insert the Latest Master Blacklist file. It is working nicely and hopefully now preventing these idiots from spamming my site.
    So please feel free to add comments.
    The next thing is, that I have to refactor the layout and displaying of the comments as well, but that is deferred to some time in the future.

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    New Guestbook online

    Finally I changed my guestbook, since I found it stupid to have an additional guestbook installed if there is already a comment function in my Weblog.
    So this entry is my designated guestbook. Feel free to write a comment about my weblog/website or any other thing.
    The old PHP guestbook script got removed. So feel free to reenter your comment.

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    Blog moved to karstenvoges.de

    Finally I made it and moved my weblog to its new destination at:
    But besides the shift to the new domain everything will stay the same. Enjoy it!

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    Amazon Partner Programm

    Da ich ja ein begeisterter Bücherwurm bin und nun auch doch schon über das ein ein oder andere Buch Rezensionen geschrieben habe, habe ich ich mich nun für das Partner Programm von Amazon.de beworben und wurde auch akzeptiert. Von nun an gelangt man von meinen jeweiligen Buch Rezensionen direkt zu Amazon. Auch habe ich angefangen mir dort eine Wunschliste als auch Lieblingslisten anzulegen. Also wenn ihr das nächste mal Bücher shoppen geht, dann denkt bitte an mich und benutzt meinen Partnerlink. Danke ;)
    Auch die Webservices von Amazon klingen interessant, aber bis ich mal dazu komme die einzubauen dauert wohl noch ein bisschen. Oder hat jemand Vorschläge dazu?

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    Webhoster: Webspace4All

    Sie sind auf der Suche nach einem (neuen) Webhoster?
    Ein guter Einstieg in den Vergleich und das Finden von Webhostern bietet webhostlist.de.
    Mein Webhoster ist Webspace4All, ein sehr zuverlässiger und sehr günstiger Webhoster/Webspaceprovider. Seid kurzem habe ich meine sämtlichen Domains (Mitfeierzentrale, Fasanenhus, Karsten Voges seine Heimseite, MyNozomi) sowohl vom pleiten Global Interacitve als auch von 1und1 zu Webspace4All transferiert. Und bisher bin ich sehr zufrieden damit. Der Telefonsupport ist zwar einmalig, aber das Forum leidet noch etwas an mangelnder Beteiligung, obwohl einem auch dort zügig und kompetent geholfen wird.
    Auch sind die Inklusivleistungen von Perl/PHP/Sysweb Oberfläche/grosser Dowloadbereich mit Programmen und Skripten usw. für die Preise (fast) unschlagbar.
    Daher kann ich alles in allem Webspace4All nur empfehlen.

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    How to make a good website/weblog

    Lately I stumbled over some guidelines on How to optimize your weblog and changed my movabletype archiving afterwards to get some googlejuice as well.
    My aim is to attract some more readers to my weblog and the above mentioned article really helped. As well as the very well written and therefore useful .
    As a consequence this blog will get some restructuring in the feature and a consolidation of my different websites (Mitfeierzentrale, Fasanenhus, Karsten Voges seine Heimseite, MyNozomi) will happen shortly.
    The next thing for you will be more regular updates and a nicer structure in general. I hope you enjoy it.

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    Keyword bookmarks

    Durch Pete Freitags Blog on javadocs.org bin ich auf ein cooles Feature von Mozilla aufmerksam geworden und es gleich mal ausprobiert.
    So kann man einem Lesezeichen in Mozilla ein Kürzel zuweisen (als Keyword) und wenn man nun nur das Keyword in die Adresszeile eingibt und return drückt wird automatisch die Seite geladen. Das alleine ist ja nun noch nicht der Hit, aber man kann es auch so kombinieren, dass man zum Beispiel eine Suchanfrage bei LEO Bookmarked und dann das gesuchte Wort durch "%s" ersetzt. So kann man dann dann z.B. "leo volative" eintippen und bekommt dann gleich die Seite mit der Übersetzung. Das ganze geht natürlich auch mit Amazon etc.
    Eine genauere Beschreibung findet man hier und dort. :)
    Viel Spass damit.

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    Folding - jeden Tag eine gute Tat

    Hey, what is your PC doing while you are surfing in the net or reading a document?
    he is 90% idle, doing nothing, waiting for some real work. That is embarrassing, or? But you can change that. There is a project called Folding, operated from the Stanford university where your computing power is used for research on folding proteins which can be useful for cancer research etc.
    So go to Folding and get your work packages today. Your PC will love you for the work. And you won't feel any difference since when u need the power of you machine you will get it. But if you are not using the power Folding will take it.
    That's fair enough, or?
    You can see my stats and the one's of team Germany.
    "Jeden Tag eine gute Tat", as we say in German.

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    Planning Extreme Programming

    just read this book from Kent Beck and Martin Fowler.
    Very short and good book. Lots of real world examples and I like the style it is written in. Strongly can recommend it for team leaders or members working or planning to work in a XP style.
    I myself have to admit that we at MojoKnows do it all a bit different and there are some suggestions in this book which I would like to see in my project, too.
    Lets see what the future will bring us.

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